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Blackberry Smoke Greatest Hits
On The Acoustic

blackberry smoke greatest hits

Thanks for stopping by my Blackberry Smoke greatest hits page. Below are several great songs by Blackberry Smoke you can easily learn on the acoustic. View my demos and download the free .pdf chord sheets.

I've included Blackberry Smoke album covers so you know where each song originated. If you need or want to purchase the full lesson, it's available for a few bucks or less with a bulk purchase.

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Blackberry Smoke Greatest Hits
Lyrics, Chords, Demos & Tutorials

1. Ain't Got The Blues

aint got the blues song blackberry smoke

Ain't Got The Blues came out in 2012 on Blackberry Smoke's album "Whippoorwill." It's got that classic Southern rock feel with a bluesy guitar and rough vocals.

The lyrics talk about feeling happy and thankful for life, even when things aren't perfect. The chorus says, "I'm gonna shine, and everyone I meet will be a good friend of mine."

People really liked this song, saying it's catchy and easy to relate to. Fans love hearing it live at the band's concerts. Surprisingly, it wasn't released as a single.

To play it, you can strum the chords G, C, D7, A7, and G7 in a repeating pattern. You can also add some picking for a solo part while keeping the guitar tuned normally.

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2. Ain't Much Left Of Me

blackberry smoke cover songs

Ain't Much Left Of Me hails from the 2012 album "The Whippoorwill" and was released as a single.

Unfortunately this great tune did not chart for the band.

This one is played in standard tuning and some picking for the acoustic player to add to the song. Play this one with a down down up down up down up rhythm pattern and repeat using the chords Fsus2(maj7)/C,  C, G, F, D and an Am7.

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3. Good On Comin' On

blackberry smoke greatest hits

Good One Coming On is from Blackberry Smoke's album "Little Piece Of Dixie," released in 2009. It's got that classic Southern rock vibe, with strong guitar riffs and heartfelt singing. The lyrics are all about enjoying life's simple joys, like hanging out with friends or listening to music.

This song did well on the charts, reaching number 50 on the US Hot Country Songs and number 37 on the Billboard Country Airplay. It's one of Blackberry Smoke's most popular tunes and a favorite at their concerts.

To play it, strum the chords G, C, D, and Em in a repeating pattern with some extra riffs mixed in. You can also check out the full video lesson for more details. And don't forget, it's played in Drop D Tuning.

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4. No Way Back To Eden

blackberry smoke music

No Way Back To Eden by Blackberry Smoke came out in 2015 on their album "Holding All the Roses." The band members include Charlie Starr, Paul Jackson, Richard Turner, Brandon Still, and Brit Turner.

The song has a bluesy Southern rock vibe. It's about someone who's made mistakes and is dealing with the consequences. They wish they could go back to a better time or be a better version of themselves. The chorus repeats "No way back to Eden, I know I can't go back."

To play it, you'll use chords like Am/D, D, D7sus4, A#, A7, C, C/B, C/A, G, Ddim, E7, and A7sus in Drop D Tuning. Strum with a pattern of root down root up down up, adding some shuffle strumming and lead picking.

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5. One Horse Town

one horse town blackberry smoke

One Horse Town is from Blackberry Smoke's album "The Whippoorwill," released in 2012. Lead vocalist and guitarist Charlie Starr wrote it about his own experiences growing up in a small town.

The lyrics talk about feeling stuck in a place where nothing changes and big dreams seem impossible. The chorus keeps saying "I'm living in a one-horse town" to show how isolated and stagnant it feels. The song has a country-rock sound with twangy guitars and a strong beat.

You can play it in standard tuning with a capo on the 2nd fret. Just use a simple rhythm pattern of root down up root up down up, and add some lead picking with the chords Am, C, Dm, F, G, and E7.

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6. Pretty Little Lie

pretty little lie blackberry smoke

Pretty Little Lie can be found on the bands "The Whippoorwill" album from 2012 and to date.

This was the groups only single in the top 50 on the US Country charts peaking at #46.

You'll want to add a bit of lead playing into this song in standard tuning using the rhythm pattern down down up down up down up and repeat. The chords here are D, Em, D/Gb, G, Am and a C.

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7. Six Ways To Sunday

songs by blackberry smoke

Six Ways To Sunday

didn't have a single release, but it got a music video in 2014. It's from their album "The Whippoorwill," out in 2012. Even though it wasn't a single, it got played on country radio.

The song's about a troublesome woman the singer can't shake off, no matter what he tries. It's got that classic Southern rock feel, with strong guitar riffs and catchy tunes. You can hear influences from bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top.

You can play it in standard tuning, but Drop D Tuning is optional. It uses chords like A, D/Gb, G, E, D, Bm, C, G6, A+, and F. Keep the rhythm lively with down strokes and some riffs, plus a bit of down-up strumming.

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8. What Comes Naturally

what comes naturally blackberry smoke

What Comes Naturally is on Blackberry Smoke's album "Like an Arrow" from 2016. It features country singer Jamey Johnson.

The song's a mix of country and rock with catchy tunes and twangy guitars. Jamey Johnson's vocals add depth.

The lyrics talk about living life freely and being true to yourself. They're positive, saying things like "It ain't wrong, it ain't right, it's just livin' life."

To play it, use standard tuning and strum with a rhythm pattern of root up root up down up. Chords include E, B7, A, Ab7, Edim, Db, Gb, C, F, D, Eb, and D.

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Thanks for stopping by my Blackberry Smoke greatest hits page for the acoustic guitar and I hope you found the info here useful in helping you learning the best Blackberry Smoke songs on acoustic. 

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