Elvis Presley Love Songs
For the Acoustic
(note: this page is being dismantled)

On this page I have a collection of Elvis Presley love songs based on the list of tutorials I've done over the years. Eventually this page will be describing the rhythm patterns and anything else to watch for in the song, but until then, help yourself to the free demos and chord sheets below.

All ELVIS songs now have their own page and you can see that list here.
Elvis Presley Love Songs On The Guitar

Elvis Presley Love Songs

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Thinking About You

18. Thinking About You

  • Drop D Tuning = No
  • Capo = No 
  • Rhythm = arpeggio in the beginning - root down up down up down up (repeat) - and then a down down up up down down up in a few places
  • Picking = No but a few bass runs
  • Chords = D, A/Db, Bm, Bm/A, G, Fdim, A7, C7, E7, C
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So on this Elvis Presley Love Songs page we've had a closer look at 19 songs for the acoustic. I gave you free chord and lyric sheets, free demo and some rhythm tips for each song. I hope this info was useful.

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