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Kenny Chesney The Life
On The Acoustic

kenny chesney the life

Welcome to my Kenny Chesney The Life page where you'll find the lyrics to this song, a free pdf chords and lyrics sheet along with tutorial demos and a link to purchase full lessons in .mp4 format.  

 Kenny Chesney The Life
Chords, Lyrics, Demo, Tutorial

american kids kenny chesney

American Kids was one of four singles released from the 2014 album The Big Revival. This number was the first single from the album and did very well, peaking at #2 in the US but did reach #1 in on the Country Digital sales chart.

The song did hit #1 in Canada. There was also a music video produced for this song.

  • Drop D Tuning: No
  • Capo: 3rd fret
  • Rhythm: down up stop up down up stop up up and repeat
  • Picking: Yes
  • Chords: D, G, A, Em, Gbm, D/Gb

Kenny Chesney The Life Lyrics

It was early one mornin' - Playa del Carmen
That's when I first met Jose
He had a 12 foot Schooner - a 3 foot cooler - full of the catch of the day
And he was wrinkled from grinning from all of the sun he had been in he was barefoot, cerveza in hand
He said "Gracias senor", when I paid him too much for - all of the Snapper he had

Now I told him my friend it ain't nothing - in the best broken Spanish I knew
I said I make a good living back home where I'm from he smiled and said Amigo me too

He said I fish - and I play my guitar - I laugh at the bar with my friends
I go home to my wife - I pray every night - I can do it all over again

Somewhere over Texas - I thought of my Lexus - and all the stuff I work so hard for
And all the things that I've gathered from climbing that ladder didn't make much sense anymore
They say my nest egg ain't ready to hatch yet - they keep holding my feet to the fire
They call it paying the price so that one day in life - I'll have what I need to retire

And just fish - and play my guitar - and laugh at the bar with my friends
And go home to my wife - and pray every night - I can do it all over again

And to think that I thought for a while there that I had it made
When the truth is I'm really just dying - to live like Jose

And just fish - play my guitar - laugh at the bar with my friends
Go home to my wife - pray every night - I can do it all over again

Wouldn't that be the life? - Wouldn't that be the life?

´╗┐Download the free Kenny Chesney The Life lyrics below.´╗┐

Chord & Lyrics


The Life Guitar Tips

The original key for this one is with a capo on the 3rd fret. Only a handful of chords in here using the D, G, A, Em, Gbm and a D/Gb. For the rhythm here you'll want to play a down up stop up down up stop up and repeat all the way through.

You have some picking in the middle of the song but the tricky part is at the end where you'll have to sing a bit while picking at the same time. The old walk and chew gym at the same time scenario. But with a little practice you'll get it, or just stop singing that last line.

Download the free Kenny Chesney The Life lyrics below.

Kenny Chesney Official Website

A Little Background On The Song The Life

american kids lyrics

The Life is a song by American country music singer Kenny Chesney. It was released in 2005 as the third single from his album "The Road and the Radio". The song was written by Kenny Chesney and Craig Wiseman.

The song tells the story of a man who is reflecting on his life and realizing that, despite the ups and downs, he has been fortunate to experience many great things. He acknowledges that life can be tough at times, but ultimately, it's the good times that make it all worthwhile. The lyrics encourage listeners to appreciate the simple things in life and to be grateful for what they have.

Musically, "The Life" is a mid-tempo country song that features acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and a prominent drum beat. The melody is catchy and upbeat, and the chorus is especially memorable, with the repeated refrain "That's the life for me".

The Life was a commercial success, reaching number 2 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and number 31 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was also nominated for Single of the Year at the 2006 Academy of Country Music Awards.

Thank you for stopping by my Kenny Chesney The Life page and I hope the info here was helpful and useful.

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Kenny Chesney The Life - Live

The video for "The Life" by Kenny Chesney features him and two other musicians playing the song on a dock overlooking the ocean. The video is part of a series called "Stripped", which showcases artists performing their songs in stripped-down, acoustic versions.

The video begins with a shot of Chesney, barefoot and wearing a baseball cap, walking down a wooden dock towards the camera. He is joined by two other musicians - one playing acoustic guitar and the other playing a small drum kit. The trio then begin to perform "The Life" in an unplugged, acoustic arrangement.

Throughout the video, the camera pans out to show the beautiful scenery around them, including the ocean and the surrounding hills. The stripped-down arrangement of the song allows Chesney's vocals and the simple instrumentation to shine, giving the performance an intimate, heartfelt feel.

Overall, the video for "The Life" is a simple but effective representation of the song's message of appreciating life's simple pleasures. The laid-back, beachy setting and stripped-down arrangement of the song perfectly capture the relaxed, carefree spirit of Chesney's music.

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