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Mystery Train Chords
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mystery train chords

Welcome to my Elvis Presley Mystery Train chords page you'll find the lyrics to this song, a free pdf chords and lyrics sheet along with tutorial demos and a link to purchase full lessons in .mp4 format.  

Elvis Presley Mystery Train Chords
Lyrics, Demo, Tutorial

elvis presley mystery train chords

´╗┐Mystery Train can be found on the album "Elvis Presley" (also known as Elvis Presley's debut album or Elvis Presley Rock n' Roll No. 1). Mystery Train"was written by Junior Parker (aka Herman Parker Jr.) and Sam Phillips.

The track was released as a single in 1955, with the B-side featuring "I Forgot to Remember to Forget." While the song did not chart on the Billboard Hot 100, it gained popularity and became a significant influence on rockabilly and rock 'n' roll music.

"Mystery Train" is a blues-influenced song with lyrics that evoke a sense of melancholy and longing. The train metaphor is often interpreted as a symbol of life's journey and the uncertainty and mystery that accompany it.

Since "Mystery Train" was released before the era of music videos, no official music video exists for the song. ´╗┐

Mystery Train Chords

  • Drop D - No
  • Capo - No
  • Strumming - root down up down up down up
  • Picking - a few riffs in the rhythm
  • Chords - E-A-B7-A7

Mystery Train Lyrics

Train I ride, 16 coaches long
Train I ride, 16 coaches long
Well, that long black train got my baby and gone

Train, train, comin' 'round, 'round the bend
Train, train, comin' 'round the bend
Well, it took my baby, but it never will again, no, not again

Train, train, comin' down, down the line
Train, train, comin' down the line
Well, it's bringin' my baby, 'cause she's mine all, all mine
She's mine, all, all mine


Train, train, comin' 'round, 'round the bend (around and around the bend)
Train, train, comin' 'round, 'round the bend ('round the bend)
Well, it took my baby, but it never will again, it never will again

Chords & Lyrics

Full tutorial and demo lesson avail for $3.25

Mystery Train Tips

When you play this song you'll be playing a bit of a rock-a-billy vibe on the E and A chords. On the E you can hammer-on the G string and then flatten the ring finger to play part of an A chord. When you alternate that back and forth while keeping the right hand moving up and down, you get a rock-a-billy type vibe on the E chords. When moving to the A chord, you can play B sting on the 8th fret and get a similar effect. Use a root down up down up down up and repeat strumming pattern.

There are only three/four chords in this song and they are E, A, A7 and B7.

The break in this song is just the chord pattern already discussed with perhaps a bit more emphasis on the rhythm hand by chopping up the rhythm a bit.

Some Elvis Trivia about Mystery Train

"Mystery Train" was originally written and recorded by blues musician Junior Parker in 1953. Elvis Presley's version, released in 1955, helped popularize the song and turned it into a rock 'n' roll standard.

Elvis's version of "Mystery Train" was recorded at the famous Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, on July 11, 1955. This session was historically significant as it showcased the fusion of rhythm and blues with country elements that became the hallmark of rock 'n' roll.

"Mystery Train" was released as the B-side of Elvis's single "I Forgot to Remember to Forget." Interestingly, both sides of the single reached the number one spot on the Billboard Country chart, making it a double-sided hit.

The instrumental arrangement of Elvis's version of "Mystery Train" featured Scotty Moore's distinctive guitar work, which contributed to the song's rockabilly sound. The combination of Moore's guitar with Presley's vocals created a unique and influential sonic blend.

The train motif in the song's lyrics and music is a common element in blues and country music, symbolizing movement, escape, and change. This theme added to the song's mysterious and evocative atmosphere.

"Mystery Train" is notable for its impact on other musicians and genres. The song has been covered by various artists, including Paul Simon and The Band. It also left a lasting impression on the rockabilly and rock 'n' roll movements.

"Mystery Train" is often regarded as one of the seminal songs that helped bridge the gap between African American rhythm and blues and the emerging white rock 'n' roll scene. Elvis's version played a role in breaking down racial barriers in music during the 1950s.

The song has been featured in several films, TV shows, and commercials over the years, contributing to its enduring popularity and recognition.

The recording session for "Mystery Train" was part of the early stages of Elvis Presley's career, marking his transition from local sensation to national star. It's a key moment in the history of American music.

These trivia points shed light on the significance of "Mystery Train" in the development of rock 'n' roll and its lasting impact on music and culture.

Thanks for stopping by this Elvis Presley Mystery Train chords page and I hope the information found here was helpful.

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Elvis Presley Mystery Train

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