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Together Again By Emmylou Harris
On The Acoustic

together again by emmylou harris

Welcome to my Together Again by Emmylou Harris page you'll find the lyrics to this song, a free pdf chords and lyrics sheet along with tutorial demos and a link to purchase full lessons in .mp4 format.  

 Together Again By Emmylou Harris
Chords, Lyrics, Demo, Tutorial

emmylou harris together again

Together Again is of course an old Buck Owen song from 1964 and was a double sided hit for Buck Owens and his Buckaroos because the song was a B-side to My Heart Skips A Beat, which did reach #1 on the US country charts.

Over the years many artist shave covered this song and they include Ray Price, Ray Charles, Glen Campbell, Wanda Jackson, Eddie Peregrina, Farhad Mehrad, Nora Aunor, Kenny Rogers and Dottie West, Elisabeth Andresson, Richand and Linda Thompson, Dwight Yoakam, Mark Lanegan, Jill Johnson, Vince Gill, Loiuse Mandrell and Ronnie Dunn. Not a bad list to have recorded a song that was a B-side song.

And of course Emmylou Harris in 1975 recorded her version of the song for her album Elite Hotel and had a #1 hit with her version in 1976. Her and Buck actually recorded song called Play Together Again, Again as a tribute to both of their successes with the song.

It's been report that Jerry Garcia from The Grateful Dead was so inspired by the steel guitar break (which many consider to be the greatest of all time in any country song), that he just had to learn to play the steel guitar.

Download the free Together Again Emmylou Harris lyrics and chord sheet below.

Together Again Lyrics

Together again - my tears have stopped falling

The long lonely nights - are now at an end
The key to my heart - you hold in your hand
And nothing else matters - we're together again

Together again - the gray skies are gone
Your back in my arms - now where you belong
The love that we knew - is living again
And nothing else matters - ‘cause we're together again


Together again - my tears have stopped falling
The long lonely nights - are now at an end
The love that we knew - is living again
And nothing else matters - ‘cause we're together again

No nothing else matters - ‘cause we're together again

Chords & Lyrics


Together Again Tips

In this demo you'll see me playing a very familiar country strumming pattern found in hundreds of songs. Once you learn this you'll use it often I assure you, especially if you play country songs. The pattern is simply root down up bass up down up and repeat. Root is the note of the chord and bass is the corresponding bass note a bass player would be playing. The down up is the strum across the strings with a downstroke and up stroke in between.

In this song I'm using a capo on the 4th fret to keep the chords simple and stay in Emmylou's original key. The key works well for guys with my vocal range and it moves up two frets in the last part of the song.

The chords are pretty basic as we're using starting with and A7 to a D and a G with a C thrown in on the third line. This continues on for two verses and into the break pattern where a Gb and B7 are used to transition up two frets. From that point you're playing an E, A and B7 with a D thrown in on the third line out to the end of the song.

There are two picking breaking essential in this song with one in the D, G and A7 near the middle of the song. Then once again as an outro on the E, A and B7 portion. The picking breaks in many of these old country songs usually follow the melody of the verse or the chorus, so I explain what I'm playing here in the full video lesson. It's improvised as there is usually a steel guitar or fiddle that plays these breaks. In the clip below it's a piano and steel guitar.

Thanks for stopping by this Together Again by Emmylou Harris page and I hope the information found here was helpful.

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