Conway Twitty Songs
On The Acoustic 

Sept 1st, 1933 – Jun 5th, 1993 (aged 59)

Here on this Conway Twitty songs page you'll find a collection of demo covers and full lesson tutorials available for purchase along with several free chord sheets in pdf. format. Help yourself to the free chord sheets where available.

Conway Twitty Songs For Guitar

Check out these 24 cover demos and grab the free chord sheets where available. If you'd like to purchase a tutorial lesson, that is available also for a small fee. 

1. Between Her Blue Eyes And Jeans
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2. Boogie Grass Band
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3. Darlin You Know I Wouldn't Lie
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4. Don't Call Him A Cowboy
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5. Don't Cry Joni
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6. Fifteen Years Ago
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7. Goodbye Time
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8. Hello Darlin
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9. I Can't See Me Without You
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10. I May Never Get To Heaven
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11. I'd Love To Lay You Down
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12. It's Only Make Believe
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13. I've Already Loved You In My Mind
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14. Linda On My Mind
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15. Play Guitar Play
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16. She Needs Someone To Hold Her When She Cries
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17. She's Got A Single Thing In Mind
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18. Slow Hand
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19. Somebody's Needin Somebody
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20. That's My Job
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21. The Clown
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22. Tight Fittin' Jeans
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23. To See My Angel Cry
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24. You've Never Been This Far Before
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How Many Conway Twitty Songs Did Conway Write?

The fact of the matter is that yes ... Conway Twitty did write some, but not all of his own songs. However of the 27 songs Conway did write or co-write, a few of them were monster hits. Here is a list of songs by Conway Twitty.

  1. After All the Good Is Gone
  2. As Soon as I Hang up the Phone
  3. Baby's Gone
  4. Before Your Time
  5. Born to Sing the Blues
  6. Come See About Me
  7. Don't Cry Joni
  8. Girl at the Bar
  9. Hello Darlin'
  10. Hey Miss Ruby
  11. I Can't Believe She Gives It All to Me
  12. I Can't See Me Without You
  13. I Changed My Mind
  14. I'll Try
  15. I'm Not Through Loving You Yet
  16. I'm So Used to Loving You
  17. It's Only Make Believe
  18. I've Already Loved You in My Mind
  19. Let Me Be The Judge
  20. Linda on My Mind
  21. Long Black Train
  22. One of Those Nights
  23. The Games That Daddies Play
  24. The Story of My Love
  25. To See My Angel Cry
  26. Walk Me to the Door
  27. You've Never Been This Far Before

Conway Twitty recorded 57 studio albums and 20 compilation albums and had 50 #1 hits. He also had several duets thru the years but most notably with Loretta Lynn .. who is still with us at age 87 in 2019. Conway passed away in 1993 at age 59. 

Conway Twitty Documentary

Official Conway Twitty Website Unavailable

I hope you found this Conway Twitty songs page helpful.

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